1. Hole Repair
    Whether it's a moving accident or an electrician falling through the ceiling, Perfect Patch can make it dissapear!
  2. Water Damage
    Do you have an area with water damage from a plumbing issue or leak in the roof? We can fix it!
  3. Cracks
    Cracks can be caused by the foundation moving or by the frequent earthquakes Oklahoma has recently experienced. No matter the cause, we can fix it!
What You Can Expect
          When You call Perfect Patch for your repair need you can expect the highest quality of customer service on the market. We understand that you're life is busy, we want to make the job as quick, clean, and seamless as possible.
 10% Military and First Responder Discounts Available!
  1. Highly Trained Professionals
  2. Quick response time
  3. Free Estimates
  4. Courteous employees
  5. Superior Customer Service
  6. Competitive Pricing
  7. Clear Communication